Client: Chalk Gyms
Out Of Home / Print

To help differentiate Chalk Gyms, I developed a brand strategy and creative messaging around music as motivation which we articulated as KEEP YOUR BODY IN TUNE.  By combining music and fitness cultures in a distinctive visual / written way, the campaign surpassed all key performance indicators.

Campaign: Now Playing
In-Cinema Commercial :30

Context and strategy are key to developing effective creative which is why this in-cinema commercial mis-directs as a trailer. 
By using film projections and band names from the Chalk Gyms Spotify playlists, we literally announced what music is playing at the gym as well as in the music festivals.

Campaign: Muscle Music Festival
Wild Posting

By making up band names inspired by exercises we made a fake music festival poster which drove traffic online and to the gym itself.

Campaign: Keep Your Body In Tune
Commercial :30

Made entirely of sounds from the gym we created a theme which synced to exercise actions, connecting ones body to musical instruments. The mnemonic is an auditory representation of Keep Your Body In Tune as multiple out of tune notes glide into perfect pitch.

Campaign: Sidewalk Motivation
Guerilla Stencils
Using inspiring lyrics we created a connection to Chalk Gyms brand tag line through #KeepYourBodyInTune.
With no paid media we earn over 250,000 organic impression on Instagram alone.